Typhoon TV APK Download | Latest Version 2.1.6 [Official]

Typhoon TV apk is a video streaming app that provides you with the online video content like TV Series, Latest Movies and anime totally free of cost and without any subscription. You are here so you might know about it already. Let’s see further information on the typhoon tv app and know about it completely.

download typhoon tv apk

There are many apps like Bee TV, Cyberflix TV, Playbox HD, etc. which are quite famous and typhoon tv is one such. Nowadays, most of people like to watch their favorite movies, shows and tv series on the go and through the internet which has increased the online streaming services a big market. With the emergence of such needs the major players are providing content but with expensive subscriptions.

Now, what should we do to watch all our favorite content for free?

The answer is typhoon apk. Typhoon TV app provides you with all of the available online content without paying a penny. This is freakin awesome. Isn’t it? So, let’s check out how it is possible and how can you have it!

Technical Specifications of Typhoon TV:

App NameTyphoon TV
App Size14.7
Latest UpdateDecember 26, 2019

Typhoon Tv android features and functions:

To understand the typhoon tv we need to see its features and functions. The enlisted features are the biggest takeaways. Let’s go through them one by one.

Huge Database

Typhoon Tv app has a wide range of content. It provides you with a huge directory of the latest movies, shows, series, etc. across all genres and categories. You can simply choose what you want to watch. The content is also segregated according to languages and country wise. This enables you to find your loved shows easily. Having a bouquet of content is always a big advantage. You will never get bored while watching all these awesome videos across all the available categories.

Simple and Easy User Interface

The user interface of this typhoon app is also very simple and easy to use. One can easily navigate through the app and will ensure you with a good user experience overall. Also, this is good for the new users and non-techy people as they have not to surf across and go through many steps and procedures to get their shows to watch. This also saves our time and efforts for scrolling across unwanted videos.

Offline Downloads

The videos available on this app are also available to download directly with a single tap. This ensures you to watch them even when you are offline and at your leisure. When you see a certain video there is an option to download the video so that you can enjoy the video later even when you are offline. This handy when you travel as the network is not the same everywhere. Also, streaming won’t work at every network point.

Dedicated Video player

Unlike other streaming apps that require a different video player installed for watching the video, here you get inbuilt video player to watch. Also, you change the video player if you want to. It’s quite flexible. This video player chooses the best server for streaming the video automatically as in other video players you need to manually choose the best working servers for streaming. But still, it’s on you which one to use.

High Picture Quality

The videos provided here are 4k, 1080p, 720p, etc. You can choose the resolution you prefer to watch also the streaming time is less. Typhoon Tv buffering is the last problem you might face. It is that well optimized. The servers are also clean and run smoothly. Having options to choose the resolution is good for saving data as well when you are on your mobile network. Also, you can always switch back to the high resolutions when you are on WiFi.

Other Important Features

Few other features in typhoon TV apk are bookmarking a show, watched show or movie marking which gets done automatically, also favorite genre or categories marking is available, the electronic program guide is also available to see the future and upcoming shows. These all features are single click available. The best feature to mention of this app is that it is completely free and there are no subscriptions and registrations here. Just open the app and enjoy it.

With a bouquet of such features and many more, the typhoon apk is the best app we could recommend to you for streaming videos. The technical details of this app are shown below which also shows that it is small in size and easy on your device.

Typhoon TV Application Screenshots:

typhoon tv home screen
typhoon tv menu
typhoon tv default player

Typhoon TV apk download:

With all the above information now you might be tempted to get this app. So, download the typhoon Tv apk from here. To mention, this app is not available on the Google Play Store to download. So, you will have to download it from the link given below. Further process of its installation is also provided below.

Typhoon Tv Installation Guide:

Installation of typhoon app is quite simple but we have a hobby of installing apps from Google Play Store so the easiness is quite debatable. Anyways, we will cover everything in the following steps to install the app so please read it carefully to install it properly.

  1. Download the typhoon TV apk file from the above link and store it in your file manager at an accessible location.
  2. Firstly, go to settings – open app settings – enable the “Unknown Sources” in it.
  3. Now, open your file manager and find the location of the typhoon apk file. Once you see it click on the apk file.
  4. An installation window will pop up. Tap on the install tab and installation process will start.
  5. It will take a few seconds to complete the process.
  6. Now, you will see close and open now options.
  7. Click on open now if you won’t use the app immediately or just go back and open through your app drawer.
  8. It’s done.

Thus, it was an easy process to install this app just follow the steps properly and you are good to go.

For the people who don’t have any android device and they are iPhone lovers need not worry as the typhoon tv for iOS is also available. We will provide you with the full details about it in our next article on typhoon tv for iPhone and iOS devices.

Typhoon Tv for PC is also possible through android emulators. The process of which will be provided later on this very site.

On devices like firestick and Android TV boxes, we can install typhoon tv for firestick app which again, is provided to you here.

Detailed discussion on this would require a separate article on itself so we will provide it separately.


This article might have covered all the information you needed for the typhoon Tv apk download and install process. And still, if you want to know anything else or have any doubts about this app you can contact us. So this was our small attempt of typhoon tv review, I hope you have liked it. Please let us know if you have any issues.